Science SLC

As a scientist I’ve learned you can only change one variable at a time because otherwise you won’t know which variable did what. 

In science, we changed the length of the string of the pendulums. 

I realized that there are many other variables I can think of and I want to try them. 

Social Studies SLC

As a freedomist, I’ve learned that some secrets are meant to be kept and some aren’t. Also how some slaves gained, maintained and lost freedom. 

For example, in January Sparrow, if Sadie hadn’t told her BFF Paulie they were slaves, Paulie’s dad (the judge) wouldn’t have locked up the slave catchers and allowed the Crosswhites to flee to Canada.

Also in Iqbal, Iqbal loses freedom when he is taken to Hussain Khan’s carpet factory where he works children half to death. He gains freedom when he rebels against Hussain and runs away multiple times. Iqbal maintains freedom when he stays with the group that helps save slaves and risks his life. 

After electing in social studies I realized that so many people risked everything to save even 1 family and how I want to do something good with my life too.