Final Reflection from Delhi Out & About

I thought my partner and I were very productive each project. In the Delhi and its 7 cities project, though, my partner wasn’t very fast and didn’t do her work so I had to do most of hers as well as mine. I learned a lot on that project about Purana Qila and Shergarh. It was very interesting. While making the Kahoot I had lots of fun while making the quiz. I learned about the religions in India and even made up some of my own to throw people off (ex: Arshism)!

I learned lots of new things in our Gandhi project. When our final video was too short, me and my partner brainstormed and came up with the idea of putting fun facts in the video. I learned about his campaigns like the Quit India movement. 

Because of these projects, I am informed about some of the places we studied about. 

I liked the bus rides the most in the trips. Going to the Gandhi Smriti was very informational because when I had gone before, I didn’t go upstairs floor. In Delhi Out and About we went upstairs and that had A LOT of info. I also really liked the Unity Pillar there. Dilli Haat we got to go shopping. The handmade instruments we saw were so cool. They only have 1 string! I liked seeing the different pillars at the Parliament House. They were each from different countries. I learned about the India Gate too. The first trip to Old Delhi and the Red Fort was my favorite because we just talked the whole time. I also had never been to Old Delhi so I went to a new place! The trip to Dilli Haat was also fun when I saw different things people make in the market. My favorite project was the Kahoot because of the fun I had with my partner making it and people playing it. The metro ride was fun to have a taste of someone else’s life. We saw different monuments throught the windows. I played games on the metro too. 


Cuneiform Challenge

Can you guess what it says?

I learned that when you are a scribe there is no room for mistakes. Whenever I made even a small mistake, I had to roll the clay into a ball and start over. This experience was important because I got to feel a little bit of what it was like to be scribe and that if this was hard,  I now wonder what the pictographs were like! It was a really fun experience and I want to try it again. Maybe with more clay!