A Trip of Togetherness

We wrote articles about our vacations in the 3rd person, using what we learned about information texts.

This is mine:
A Trip of Togetherness

Arshi and her family learned lots of new things and had many new experiences with and about each other while staying in Krabi, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia. They went swimming, sightseeing, shopping- all together. Their vacation was a wonderful way to escape the stress of normality and spend time with each other.

In the Water

Krabi was a time for the water. Arshi and her family- her mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents- spent every second they could in the water, whether it was in the villa’s pool or the Andaman Sea. They went snorkeling, made underwater videos, and just relaxed in the company of each other. But, it wasn’t all relaxing! Arshi, her uncle, and cousin Ronit had an adventure. While kayaking, their boat decided to follow the waves and ended up out in the sea. A yacht saved them and after going through something like that, they can all say they are much closer.

Temples, Temples, and more TEMPLES

Cambodia. Home of the Angkor wat temples. Arshi and her family spent their days checking out the homes of worship used thousands of years ago. “I loved the temples, but they got very tiring at times. At least I was with my sister, and we played some things to relieve us of the tiredness.” said Arshi. They experienced something brand new, as none of them had ever been to Cambodia or seen the temples before.

Closer Now

After this vacation, Arshi & co. feel much closer to each other. They got to experience and see all kinds of things; from snorkeling to visiting thousand year old temples. Arshi, her mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents now believe they can safely say they love each other.

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