My Essay About Gender Inequality

           What if everyone, everywhere was exactly the same? What if they walked the same, talked the same and laughed the same? That would be a world of boringness. Now, what if everyone, everywhere was treated the same? If everyone was equal no matter their gender? That would be a world I want to live in. That is why I believe that everyone is equal, whatever gender. Some of my reasons for that are, in Yemen, there are no female members of parliament and they have something called an honor killing. In Saudi Arabia women can’t drive or even ride bikes, and women and girls aren’t taught physical education in Saudi Arabia either. I hope by the end of this essay, you will agree with me about how much disrespect women are getting and to make this human right an enforced law, everywhere. 
           My first example is that in Yemen, there are no female members in their equivalent of congress. Now, this is silly. Women can run a country as well as men. I can tell you at least 1 man who will not run a country well and is running for president. His name is Donald Trump. Anyway, women should be in congress even in a country with a lot of gender inequality. 
           My second example is something else that happens in Yemen. It is the country ranked 148th on the gender equality scale, making it the least equal country in the world for women. Also in Yemen, they have something called an honor killing. According to, an honor killing is the “murder of a woman or girl who is seen to have injured the honour of her family, even by being the victim of rape.” I doubt there are honor killings for men.
           My third reason is some things that happen in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, women and girls aren’t taught physical education. This rule is unfair and is against my strong belief. How do leaders expect women and girls to be healthy and fit and strong? That is a rule that I doubt would be existent in an equal world. 
           The final reason I am going to tell you about is about is another thing that happens in Saudi Arabia. It is from a website called It states that “in Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to drive, or even ride bikes, and men aren’t allowed to drive women they’re not closely related to.” They must have no taxis in that place. 
           This is why I believe what I believe. Do you agree with me now? If you don’t I can’t see why not. I have talked about no women in congress and honor killings in Yemen, Physical education in Saudi Arabia, and driving in also Saudi Arabia. I hope you now believe that everyone is equal and this should be an enforced law as well. 
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